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I know It not in my power to help them but I can pray for them, I can do this thatz the only thing I can do & we need to have hope, than as much of the lost ppl will get alive a back to there Families!

That the ppl who lost the ppl they loved, that the world think about them, just cry with them and try to make the strong! It tought I hurtz soo much!!!

PPL Let us #PrayForSouthKorea!!!!

( I know I am a NU’EST blog, but this very much more Important for me at the moment, this ppl lost there familie members ..& they so young let just all pray for them)!!


041514 Ren’s Love Letter

[From. Ren] Everyone, cheer up! ||

Hello. This is NU’EST Ren!
Not a long ago, I accidentally saw the fan letters and I heard the parent of one of our fan passed away.
I feel really sad, and I hope NU’EST can give you a strength even a little bit!
When you’re having problems, think positively and I hope you can feel better soon!
NU’EST will support you!
And lastly, what I want to say is, love yourself!!

(cr: thenuest)

(Fonte: nuestthings)

[trans]{K-BOY paradise vol,12} <<Ren interview>>


[trans]{K-BOY paradise vol,12} >


Q,What is your most memorable love from L.O.Λ.E?

My surprise birthday ceremony in Japan last year!

Q,Do you feel love from member?

We have been living together for 3~4years. They are like my family. I can show them myself as I am. We play a prank on each other in our dorm. I’m sharing the room with Minhyun now. He uses the top of a bunk bed. When I go up to the top of a bunk bed, he takes me down always. lol When I was a trainee, I used to climb into Aron’s bed. But he got angry at me sometimes, because I took his blanket while I slept. lol

Q,What kind of love do you feel from L.O.Λ.E?

I am misunderstood by fans, because I don’t show big reactions usually. But I always thank for the support of L.O.Λ.Es and I almost cry to fan’s love. L.O.Λ.Es are like my lover. They give me a energy. I can do my best even when I’m tired. I’m happy because I have L.O.Λ.Es.

Translated by,@harugreen90 

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